Raked Bagger Frame, 23-26in Wheel, Layframe (Late Models)

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Frame - Bagger Raked, 23-26in, Lay
Raked Bagger frame capable of lowering bike to pavement
100% TIG welded in a fixture for repeatable quality, fully plate reinforced for strength.
 **Bolted or self welding will not accomplish this strength.**
Note: 10 Deg American Suspension Trees required for lowering completely to pavement
Various downtube styles available (single, dual, straight, curved, etc)
Comes with 17 digit VIN number with CDC MSO included
23-26" Wheel compatible (SPECIFY WITH YOUR ORDER)
Short neck to fit wheel / lay frame
Gas tank mounts and wire holes available
Before 2009 - Up FLH Touring models
NOTE: If you send us your frame we can modify at a reduced cost and reapply your VIN. Email for details.