About CDC


CDC Motorcycles, previously known as Chassis Design Company, has been fabricating quality frames and parts since 2004. CDC offers the highest quality chassis frames and parts directly to the customer and has also supplied big and small names in the industry behind the scenes. 

In the early 2000's, Discovery Channel's popular Biker Build-off TV series featured CDC's frame fabrication capabilities. The frame had to withstand the abuse of Willow Springs' dirt flat track, drag strip, and road coarse which was highlighted during the episode. The experience proved out CDC's fabrication quality which is still integral to the  focus on fixturing and welding practices in place today. 

In 2017, the company was purchased by the current owner, Chris Leach, to evolve the brand from it's roots. Chris most recently comes from Performance Machine, Xtreme Machine, Progressive Suspension, and Burly Brand where new product development was multiplied during his tenure. Chris lead the R&D engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing engineering teams including the manufacturing engineering of PM's 50+ CNC facility. 

The PM Galaxy wheel, XM Charger wheel, RSD flat track wheel and BMW R9T custom covers, Progressive's 49mm fork monotube kits and 490 series shocks, and Burly's recently launched cable kits, sissy bars, seats, pegs, lighting, fairings, and luggage were developed and launched by his team.

The core of CDC motorcycles is based on exciting, high quality, engineered parts. No marketing tricks or gimmicky sales pitches that have become far too common from brands who have forgotten their roots. Manufacturing consistency, reliable engineering, and customer service are important to us.

Thank you for your interest in our history and our path forward.