CDC 13.5” Extended Length Shocks – Sportster 07+

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13.5” Extended Length Shocks – Sportster 07+, Heavy Duty

CDC adjustable shocks use proven shock absorbers and the highest quality springs

  • These shocks have progressive rate springs to isolate the rider against small bumps over long hauls and improve the bike’s control while impacting larger bumps in the road or while braking
  • Springs are manufactured from high tensile strength material for longer life
  • Double wall damper tube construction
  • 5 position camlock adjustment for lighter or heavier riding
  • Black chrome plating with over a decade of experience chrome plating springs
  • CNC’d aluminum and black anodized spring perch
  • Spring rate optimized for riders over 220lbs
  • Performance improvement over stock
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sold in a pair


These shocks offer a soft initial rate to absorb the smaller bumps during long rides or commutes

Spirited Riding or Hitting Large Potholes

These shocks have a progressive rate wound into the spring that transitions from the initial rate to a performance feel that allows the rider to have more control when the suspension is compressed. This benefit is seen during hitting a large pothole, multiple bumps in the road at higher speeds, or under hard braking.