CDC Domed Motorcycle Oil Tank Chopper Sportster Universal

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This is the highest quality oil tank you will find. Rare, and made in the USA by Chassis Design Company. We 100% TIG weld for a stronger weld, thicker gauge metal, and pressure checked tank. You will not be disappointed.
  • Oil Tank  - Rounded, 5x9 3/8in, 3qt 
  • 100% TIG Welded
  • .120 wall thickness
  • CNC Aluminum screw-in filler cap, Center Fill
  • Diameter: 5" 
  • Length: 9 3/8" 
  • Capacity: 3qt
  • Vent, return, and drain 1/8" pipe thread bungs
  • 2x 5/16" mounting bungs, 4.5" on center
  • 100% pressure tested
Custom Chopper/bobber builds