Custom Frames

CDC has been fabricating quality chopper and bobber frames since 2004


Over the year's we've built frames for all the big name builders and many smaller shops or bike builders. Below are a few frames to show the unique features that can be designed into your custom frame.


This is a rigid frame with a wishbone downtube with cross holes, rolled backbone, single shock seat, or our in house specialty CDC CNC'd axle blocks. rigid-wishbone-dt-wholes-rolled-backbone-single-shock-seat-cnc-axle-blocks2.jpg

This is a softail style frame with a swingarm, curved wishbone downtube, rolled backbone, and Big Bear style axle blocks.


This is a rigid frame with curved dual downtubes, straight backbone, and what we call our standard axle blocks. This frame is relatively simple to build with our fixturing, and is on the lower end of pricing.


This is a rigid frame with dual straight downtubes with dual supports, straight backbone, dual sprung seat, and our standard axle blocks. An oil tank was added to this build.



This is a rigid frame with dual straight downtubes, bent backbone, and our flat axle blocks. An oil tank and CNC'd battery box was added to this build.


Email us from the contact us page for inquiries on custom frames.