CDC has been fabricating quality custom HD frames and parts since 2004

We have always enjoyed building unique motorcycle chassis since the beginning. We're a small shop but still have the capability to build almost anything out of steel and aluminum. We run the custom side of our shop at a $50-100/hr time and materials rate (similar to car dealerships and electricians) and can estimate your job with a picture and a few pictures. The more details the better!

Some of the materials, equipment, and expertise we have in house or access to are:


Over the years we've built custom frames for the big and small builders. Below are a few frames to show the unique features that can be designed into your custom frame. Check out our video making chopper frames here.


This is a rigid frame with a wishbone downtube with cross holes, rolled backbone, single shock seat, or our in house specialty CDC CNC'd axle blocks. rigid-wishbone-dt-wholes-rolled-backbone-single-shock-seat-cnc-axle-blocks2.jpg

This is a softail style frame with a swingarm, curved wishbone downtube, rolled backbone, and Big Bear style axle blocks.


This is a rigid frame with curved dual downtubes, straight backbone, and what we call our standard axle blocks. This frame is relatively simple to build with our fixturing, and is on the lower end of pricing.


One-off custom frames begin at $3000 and up.

Email us at for inquiries on custom frames or other parts.

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