Industry Leading Warranty

At CDC Motorcycles, we stand behind statements such as 'engineered' and 'high quality'. CDC Motorcycle's foundation is based on high quality and we've recently added engineering capability to this foundation to continue to design and manufacture industry leading products while adding design and innovation capability.


In every instance, we will describe what me mean by the product being 'engineered' when we use this term. This a great example of a term that has become watered down especially in the motorcycle industry. Engineers design one-off bridges, skyscrapers, and spaceships as well as high volume, yet reliable vehicles with appliance like quality that are exposed to all of earth's variables. Engineered does not simply mean 'designed', 'fitted on a vehicle', or 'prepared for production'. Engineering means taking the time to analytically predict how a part could fail, following a step-by-step procedure to prove out assumptions with management oversight, and improving the design before releasing it to the sales department, never mind the customer.


Quality is another term that has become watered down in the industry, but CDC motorcycles vows to stand by our statements not just to sell our product but to be proud of it. We train and hire passionate people that are proud of their craft. One of CDC's core principles is to foster a work environment where our employees don't just want to collect a pay check but want to be proud of what they contributed. We believe Quality is not a marketing term or even a technical process; we believe Quality must be at the core of the company culture where everyone agrees it must be right before we ship it. 

Industry Leading Warranty

To show our commitment to engineering and quality, CDC has a 5 year limited warranty on most of our products. You will see the warranty symbol in the online product listing and product literature you receive with the physical product.

                                                                                      5 Year Warranty