Raked Touring Frames

CDC has been producing high quality frames since 2004 for builders such as Arlen Ness, Orange County Choppers, West Coast Choppers, Malibu Motorcycle Works, and Jesse Rooke to name a few. Although our history is deep in chopper and bobber frames, about 4 years ago we started raking touring model frames.

The market offers weld-on kits or raked-out triple trees but CDC offers a complete solution without any figuring and the peace of mind of a structurally sound build without spending a fortune. Our shop is small and we have passionate guys working to build the best possible frame each time.

With a background in frame and other chassis production at Daytec, Performance Machine, Progressive Suspension, and automotive OEM’s, CDC focuses on specifying the appropriate materials, preparation, and welding to produce a frame. Materials come in all different gauges, specifications, and forming processes and must be chosen correctly to ensure a durable and rigid frame. Without experience in strength and fatigue testing our competition doesn’t know where to use the strongest materials and where to keep costs reasonable; a major factor to consider when selecting a frame manufacturer.

When it comes to fabricating, material preparation is critical to producing a quality frame and having the appropriate tool or equipment is necessary to achieve this. CDC has the latest in tube bending, ring rolling, notching, machining, welding, and fixturing equipment from companies such as Miller and Ercolina. Once the frame is set up and the materials are prepared, the components are welded to produce a strong and consistent weld. 

Contact CDC Motorcycles at info@cdcmotorcycles.com for your next Bagger build